Your Mind: An open or closed domain?

Learning is a new beginning we can give ourselves, it goes beyond the four-walls of the classroom, learning is a lifelong experience which we ought to consciously and deliberately give ourselves to. Why? The more we learn the more we realize we don’t really know and as well realize how limited we are with our scope of knowledge. Everything we learn leads us to something new that’s because learning begets learning…

Keeping an open mind becomes instrumental to our ability to learn. We can be open i.e. receptive, flexible, decisive and willing or closed (i.e. rigid, stiff, uncompromising, firm). A know-it-all is like a closed mind, a mind not willing to take up new challenges, such a mind perceives learning as being difficult and strenuous but the truth is; learning is fun when we sustain the right attitude. In keeping an open mind an active mind is also required, an active mind is a mind able and eagerly willing to examine ideas, and examine them critically.

Open mindedness affords us the privilege of learning something new, something instrumental to our success and the expansion of our sphere of influence in life. The mind is like a pool of water and the more information it receives the richer it gets but when it’s left without new ideas it gets dormant and passive. Learn something new, whether you think you are interested in it or not. Books open your mind, enhances your intellect, broaden your horizon and strengthens your knowledge. Begin with an open mind and thrive with an inspired heart.

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