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Intelligence type


It’s no news we are all born different and with unique abilities. This is seen oftentimes in how we perceive, understand and react to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around us. It is sometimes outlined in our achievements and daily activities.

Some of us have read about Temperaments and how they affect us individually. No-one person is has just one type of temperament. Just like Temperaments try to portray who we are; there is also the Types of Intelligence responsible for HOW WE DO THINGS!

Be you a parent, sibling, boss, friend, partner or teacher. Observing and understanding the type of Intelligence you are dealing with, will help you maximize your relationships. As well as get the best from others.

However, you must take note that everyone is usually a mixture of at least two type of intelligence. Although there is always the dominant one.

Eager to learn what the type of intelligence are? Well, let’s take a look:

Type of Intelligence


One way or the other, you have met people with minds that are able to create three-dimensional psychological constructs, with the ability to relay back to the physical world, through high level navigational skills, to creating architectural designs that shows an impressive spatial awareness.

The people in this category are often very creative and can re-create aspects of their visual experience without the presence of any physical stimuli to guide them.


The writers, story tellers, and high level speakers, are those in this category. Their understanding of sounds and word patterns allows for communicating themselves in a uniquely different mode.

This is the most widespread intelligence type. Most individuals fall into this category. These are skills used every day.

However what differentiate those highly keen with this type of intelligence is that they employ meta-skills when they communicate, and are able to convey complex meanings and ideas using particular hybrids of written/verbal mediums.


People with high levels logical-mathematical intelligence are often able to see beyond the surface levels of perceived data, identify overall patterns, and also relate their perceptions to abstract thinking.

The logical-mathematical type of intelligence goes beyond mathematics alone. But to the overall ability to reason and create hypotheses which one can relay in a rational way.


People often in this class are usually referred to as those with the “Sanguine” temperament. No matter who they meet, they are consistently able to get along with almost anyone.

People that are high on this spectrum are able to sense things like temperament and non-verbal signals particularly well. These individuals are often suited to professions like politics, teaching, and any roles that are heavily dependent on social abilities.


With this intelligence type, the person has the ability to understand themselves in a particularly in-depth manner. There is often a link between introversion and intrapersonal intelligence, although it also depends on which of their other intelligence types are most salient.

When this intelligence type is highly evident, individuals often find themselves drawn to areas like psychology, philosophy, writing, and spirituality related endeavors.

Also, they can often be very good at planning and organizing their lives, since they have an in-depth understanding of themselves, and how to apply this knowledge to their daily routine.

Bodily Kinesthetic

Of course, we can all practice and improve our abilities in different areas, but some people have that additional element that is hard to teach. Normally, they’ll have excellent hand-to-eye coordination skills, and can often be highly proficient in more than one particular physical discipline.

Another interesting trait of people imbued with this intelligence is that they will often remember having ‘done’ things, as supposed to having ‘heard’ or ‘seen’.


The people in this category think in the types of patterns related to sound and rhythm. It often have a direct connection to how they remember things, giving them the ability to understand complex musical arrangements.

There is often a connection between the mathematical and musical intelligences, as there are between many of them.


This newer addition relates to people who are so in-tune with their surroundings. They not only have a strong affinity for natural environments. They are also often able to pick-up on even the most subtle of changes to it.

This intelligence type relates to people with a high sensitivity for detecting, understanding, and exploring these changes. These category of people are well suited to vocations directly linked to the environment.

At the most basic level, this type of intelligence helps us to discriminate between the living and the inanimate. Then at the higher levels, some are able to read and understand configurations (e.g. environmental forecasting) in the natural world that others less sensitive to similar stimuli would be less likely to detect.


As well as the addition of Naturalistic Intelligence, another addition to Gardener’s list is Existential Intelligence. It is exactly how it sounds: a high level of ability to explore existential ideas.

This type of intelligence lends itself naturally to developing philosophic ideas, and the ability to contribute to their progression.

So that’s a de-brief on intelligence types but remember! The focus is not on pigeonholing a person with one or two intelligence types. But in understanding the unique hybrid that they have resulting from their relationships. An individual is likely to express themselves in a particular manner depending on their intelligence mix.


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