Top 10 international Mathematics Olympiads in 2022

Top 10 International Mathematics Olympiads in 2022

Are you a maths whiz or want to sharpen your algebra skill? Participating in math competitions or Olympiads is one of the many ways to enhance your intellectual capacity and commitment to the field.

The rigorous practice and preparation involved in Math Olympiads help students to further strengthen their math skills. Which in return improve their grades, AP exams, and standardized test scores. Beyond the four walls of the classroom, it helps in developing important computational and critical thinking skills that will be valuable throughout their lives.

Many of these mathematics Olympiads comes with instant reward! Ranging from scholarships to cash prizes. It helps you worry less about college tuition or how to pull through for financial aid. Asides winning cash prizes from Olympiads, been a participant at all is still a win. It gives you a competitive edge over others already. Mathematics contests make your college application interesting at first glance.

Keep in mind that participating in math competitions is a win even if you don’t win the grand prize. The fact that you participated in the mathematics competition in the first place may make you a more competitive applicant for university scholarships, private scholarships, and other merit-based funding. 

Below is a quick and interesting glance at Top 10 International Mathematics Olympiads in 2022 that are making the waves and granting aids to students worldwide;

Top 10 Mathematics Olympiads in 2022- AMO
1. American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO)

American Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) is an international mathematics competition for elementary, middle and high school students. SIMCC and Southern Illinois University (SIU) jointly organized AMO. It promotes the importance and a deeper understanding of math.

  • Grade levels: AMO is open to all Grade 2 to 12 students. Contestants must be under the age 20 at the time of participation. Contestant must not be enrolled or registered at any tertiary institution.
  • Framework/format: Its framework is based on the US Common Core Standards. The questions are uniquely designed to challenge the student and as well promote their interest in math. AMO made the list of the top 10 international mathematics Olympiads in 2022 because of the awesome opportunity given to students. Some of the key benefits of AMO are; university scholarships, Global Scholars Program, International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) membership, tuition grants and internships.
Top 10 Mathematics Olympiads in 2022- SASMO
2. Singapore and Asian Mathematical Olympiad (sASM0)

SASMO is a mathematics Olympiad contest that stretches even the brightest students and is aimed at instilling confidence for all students. It caters to the top 40% of the student population. It aims to arouse students’ interest in mathematical problem solving to develop mathematical intuition, reasoning, logical, creative and analytical mind. With realistic and high standards, SASMO contests aim to stretch the untapped thinking potential of the student population. Their participation in SASMO will help them improve in school mathematics and higher order thinking skills (HOTS). The contest is designed in a way to make every student love Math again.

  • Grade levels: SASMO is open to all Primary 1 to 6Secondary 1 to 4 studentsJunior College 1 to 2 (Grade 1 to 11/12 (JC)  students from International schools).
  • Framework/format: The duration of the test is 90 minutes for all grades. Each level has a differentiated paper and contains 25 questions within 2 sections:

Section A:  15 Multiple Choice Questions (2 points for each correct answer; 0 point for each unanswered question; deduct 1 point for each wrong answer)

Section B:  10 Non-routine Questions (4 points for each correct answer; no penalty for wrong answers)

Total: 85 points (to avoid negative scores, each student will begin with 15 points)

SASMO contest fits nicely into the school curriculum with a high focus on non routine problem sums – preparing for SASMO contest helps students prepare for UTME,  PSLE and O-Level exams.

Top 10 Mathematics Olympiads in 2022 - RMO
3. Royal Mathematical Olympiad (rMO)

RMO is an international mathematics competition for elementary, middle and high school students. RMO is open to students from Grade 4 to 12.  This competition discovers and develop great minds that are mathematically gifted and talented. Royal Mathematical Olympiad aims to eliminate mathematics phobia that militate against students’ performance in schools. It bridge the gap the mathematics phobia has created in young scholars who see science courses as too difficult.

  • Grade Level: The competition is opened to students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 (Primary 4 to Senior Secondary School/Junior college 2).
  • Framework/format: The competition is divided into three categories, namely: Regional, National and Global finals. Upon qualifying, the candidates will advance to the next round before the national and global champion is crowned.

Every participants at all levels are rewarded with certificates, cash prizes, global scholarships and membership to the yearly organized science bootcamp.

Top 10 Mathematics Olympiads in 2022 - IMO

4. International Mathematical Olympiad

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students. IMO holds annually in a different country. The first IMO held in 1959 in Romania, with 7 countries participating and has gradually expanded to over 100 countries from 5 continents. It has played a significant role in generating wide interest in mathematics among high school students. The content for the Olympiad ranges from algebra to pre-calculus problems. Success in IMO requires truly exceptional mathematical creativity and inventiveness.

  • Grade Level: This competition is basically for high school students who are yet to be registered in a tertiary institution and are usually below the age of 20 years.
  • Framework/format: Each participating countries may send 6 candidates but each candidate is expected to competes individually without any external help or collaboration. IMO is unique in its own way, spanning a period of two days, where each contestants will have about 4 hours 30mins to solve mathematical problems each day, with each question with varying degree of difficulty.


The Purple Comet! Math Meet is one of the top 10 International Mathematics Olympiads 2022. It is an annual international, online and team-based mathematics competition designed for middle and high school students that has been held every year since 2003. Teams of from one to six students compete by submitting solutions to a list of mathematics problems. There is a ten-day window during which teams may compete choosing a start time most convenient for them. The problems range in difficulty from fairly easy to extremely challenging. In 2016 over 12,000 students competed on over 3200 teams from 59 countries.

There are two levels of competition:

  1. the middle school contest consists of 20 problems to be completed in 60 minutes;
  2. the high school contest consists of 30 problems to be completed in 90 minutes.

6. The International Youth Math Challenge

This is an international mathematics competition that enables students from all countries to prove their math skills and to unleash their creativity. Qualification Round: The qualification round consists of five math problems. In order to qualify for the pre-final round, you need to solve at least three (under 18) to four (over 18) of the problems correctly. All participants receive certificates. Pre-Final Round: You have five days to solve 10 problems of the pre-final round. Final Round: Successful finalists can participate in the final round: You will take an online exam supervised by your teacher. The winners receive certificates and cash prizes worth over 700 USD.

7. International Trigonometry Challenge

Are you someone who loves Mathematics alot, especially Geometry & Trigonometry? If yes, the ITC is for you. ITC is an online international trigonometry championship being conducted by a group of Mathematics Enthusiasts. The purpose of ITC is to help the participants realize the beauty of trigonometry, feel the concepts and learn how to apply them. ITC focuses not on just the problems related to triangles on paper but on the application of trigonometry to solve real life problems.

8. The Caribou Mathematics Competition

The Caribou Mathematics competition is an online competition. This contest is held six times throughout the school year, and students that complete all six tests can compete for the “Caribou Cup.” Each contest engages students in 60 minutes of math puzzles, interactive questions, and a wide variety of problem solving activities. Not only is the Caribou Mathematics Competition open to international participants, it also offers contests for elementary through high school aged students.

The high school level Caribou Math Contests are divided into two age-based categories. Grades 9 and 10 participate in the same contests, and grades 11 and 12 participate in the same contests. Cash prizes are given out to the top performing students and schools in the Caribou Cup after the final contest each year, which is held in May. Students are ranked based on the total of their top scores in five out of the six contests.

9. MathCON

This is an innovative mathematics platform, including a competition series and educational resources and opportunities for students and educators, developed to enhance mathematics education.

10.  Mathematical Kangaroo

To wrap up the Top 10 Mathematics Olympiad is the Mathematical Kangaroo; this is an international mathematics competition in over 77 countries. There are six levels of participation, ranging from grade 1 to grade 12. The challenge consists of problems in multiple-choice form that are not standard notebook problems and come from a variety of topics. Besides basic computational skills. They require inspiring ideas and perseverance. Creativity and imagination, logical thinking, and other problem-solving strategies. Often there are small stories, intriguing problems, and surprising results, which encourage discussions with friends and family.

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