The future of academic competition in learning

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the future of academic competition in the learning process

The future of academic competition in learning process is indeed a bright one. Academic competitions are challenges students engage in to demonstrate their proficiency in academic subjects. This competition sometimes go beyond classroom setting. However, academic competitions have been misunderstood as people tend to ask questions like, should students compete? Don’t competitions create winners and losers? In this context, we will look at the future of academic competitions and how it improves the learning process in students. Academic competition can be done individually or as a team. The aim is to test how competent the individual or team is and at the end of the day, a price or reward is given to further motivate the winner or winners.

Teachers implement academic competitions as part of their curriculum. This is to inspire students to remain on track and put forth their best work. Academic competitions are not limited to just teachers and their students. Organizations that see the need to support highly intellectual students also organize academic competitions. That way, they can either place the winners on a full scholarship or reward them financially. The future of academic competitions in learning process cannot be over-emphasized. It does not only create an avenue for better learning, it also serves as a source of motivation for students to do better. Below is a list of academic competitions that are available [although, not limited to these], to further harness the academic potential of the students

List of academic competitions

American Mathematics Competitions.
American Religious Mathematics League.
Explora Vision. https://
Invent America. Science Olympiad.

American Computer Science League.
Word Masters.
Young Game Inventors Contest.
The Scripps National Spelling Bee.,1925%20%28%201925%29%20%203%20more%20rows%20

Indeed,there is a future in academic competitions in learning process. Academic competition does not only increase the learning process, but also gives students a chance to better their academic careers. This way, they can become the true leaders that they are meant to be. Academic competitions have lots of benefits. It enhances the learning process and makes room for students’ improvements. Here are a few benefits of academic competitions to both the students and the organizations.


Academic competitions help students emotionally by building their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. It shows them how strong and capable they are and what they can endure. As a competitor, putting yourself out there to be judged helps you see things from someone else’s point of view. Engaging in academic competitions helps to widen one’s scope of reasoning by keeping you on your toes, and engaging you both mentally and otherwise.At the end of the day, not everyone wins. The fact that you engaged in the competition alone makes you better by discovering your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. When all these are done, healthy self-esteem is achieved.

Enhancing academic performance

Academic competition is tasking and time demanding but at the end of the day, it improves your grades as a student. Classroom activities are limited as no teacher knows it all, but engaging in academic competition helps to improve your grades and your views generally. You can start by participating in a competition that you are passionate about This will help you compete and at the same time have fun.

Competing in extracurricular activities means that you go beyond the requirements of your school. However, playing football with your friends for enjoyment mostly on weekdays is an extracurricular event, even though this has nothing to do with school. Every competitor is a researcher. This means that the more you research, the more you know and this makes it easier to improve.

It’s a pathway to success.

The feeling you get from preparing for a competition is very different from what you experience during normal training. It is intense and nerve-wracking, and it requires more mental strength than anything you’ve ever done. This mindset is something that you develop from competitions and because you’ve conditioned yourself to do your best, you won’t want to settle for anything less. You’ll keep on striving to be the best you can be, and this is the key to success. There are lots of reasons you should compete and very few reasons why you shouldn’t.

It’s not just about winning trophies and medals; it is about you regenerating into the best version of yourself possible. So go on, compete, and experience all the benefits a competition can bring to you mentally and psychologically There’s a joy that participating in competitions brings, despite its tasking challenges. Academic competitions bring you to the limelight and whether you win or not, there may be an individual or an organization out there who might just want to invest in and harness your discovered potential and skills thereby changing the narrative and making you successful.

Improving collaboration and teamwork.

Most team-based academic competitions require students to take on challenging tasks that require teamwork, collaboration, and challenging tasks. Working as a team helps them understand each other better, understand their abilities, and know-how best to use them. The fact that they know other teams are aiming at achieving the same goal, goes a long way in motivating the teams to become better collaborators. You never can tell what teamwork really means until you participate in a competition that requires working as a team. This is one of the prowess needed to strife in an organization as such participating in academic competitions help you acquire it early enough.

Ability to work under pressure

Resilience and persistence are all components of working under pressure. Academic competitions teach competitors how to bend and not break and handle stress and strife when faced with competitive situations. Companies look for employees who are able to handle every competitive situation they will be faced with. Academic competitions ensure that competitors will not be put in ugly situations for the first time when they get their jobs. There is always room to try again even when you fail as the more you try, the more you build the spirit of resilience and persistence, which is needed in every organization or company.

Time management skill

Time is essential in life and knowing how to manage it is quite difficult for some people. We are all given 24 hours in a day. Most people manage their time well while some don’t not, because they don’t want to, but because they haven’t learned the process. Academic competitions are organized in a way that time is utilized and affected. Most competitions are time-framed, ranging from when to arrive at the competition venue [could be offline or online], to how long the competition will last. There is a timeframe for each task. Every competitor who passes through all these processes will surely come out a better time manager. Time management is very important when carrying out official duties, and the best place to gather every time management skill needed is in academic competitions.

The benefits of academic competitions are not limited to the above-mentioned, but these are the major ones. Whether you intend to work for someone in the future or own your personal organization, there are skills needed to be successful. Participating in academic competitions will help you discover and constantly improve on those skills. I hope this helps in your research.

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