Royal Mathematical Olympiad

An annual mathematics competition for students in grade level 4 – 12.

What is Royal Mathematical Olympiad ?

Royal Mathematical Olympiad is an international  mathematics competition for elementary, middle and high school students. RMO is now open to students from primary 4 to sss 3.  This is a competition for the discovery and development of great minds that are mathematically gifted and talented from all over the states in Nigeria.

Royal Mathematical Olympiad is basically an academic competition with the aim of eliminating mathematics phobia that militate against students’ performance in schools, it will also serve as a way of bridging the gap the mathematics phobia has created in young scholars who see science courses as too difficult.

The Royal Mathematical Olympiad seeks:

  • To discover, nurture and advance individuals at primary school level who possess outstanding and remarkable mathematical ability.
  • To instill a sense of responsibility in them as the knowledge of mathematics forms the basis for technological advancement 

and societal development, as well as eradication of academic, moral and ethical decadence militating against our society today.

We chose school students because we believe these young scholars can understand the concept and basis of mathematics and its application if well exposed to it. The competition will reward pupils with outstanding performance and schools that demonstrate a concerted effort to nurture these geniuses.

The Royal Mathematical Olympiad is an initiative of the Mespire Limited. RMO started in year 2016, the Royal Mathematical Olympiad Award is an annual mathematics event organized by Mespire, being part of its mission to reshape and improve the quality and standard of education and academic achievement in Nigeria and Africa at large. The competition is divided into three categories, namely: Regional, National and Global finals. Upon qualifying the candidates will advance to the next round before the national and global champion is crowned.

The fifth edition of Royal Mathematical Olympiad competition is scheduled to hold in March (March 18th – 20th, 2021). Click here to register.

Objectives of Royal Mathematical Olympiad


  • To discover, nurture and advance individuals at school level who posses outstanding and remarkable mathematical ability.
  • To open up University Scholarships and Educational opportunities for students.
  • To eliminate mathematics phobia militating against students’ performance in schools.
  • To bring young scholars together from several schools to enjoy the fun and challenge of mathematics in a spirit of friendly competition.
  • To motivate teachers and schools to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics being a universal subject with emphasis on developing the high-order thinking and analytical skills.
  • To provide participating students with opportunities to exchange their knowledge and practice of mathematics.
  • To bring out the best in those who possess not only the gift/talent but who also have perseverance, and inspire them to succeed in their pursuit and channel them to be successful through our career and academic mentorship program at Mespire.

Who can participate?

In order to participate, you have to either be a primary, or secondary school student.  Students from grade 4 to 12, and from all nations of the world are eligible to participate!
To solve the problems you should be smart, open-minded, and creative. Participation in an RMO is open to all students in private and public schools. The competition aims to stretch the untapped thinking potential of students at all levels. Their participation in RMO will help improve in high order thinking as well as their school mathematics.


Awards & Recognition- Academic Year 2021-2022

100- Perfect Score, 80 and above- Gold Medal, 70 and above-Silver Medal, 65 and above-Bronze Medal.

Why participate?

RMO gives you the unique opportunity to unleash your math skills and to apply them to challenging problems. Participants can receive certificates, awards, cash prizes, scholarships, tuition grants and national recognition.

All participants and schools of participants receive certificates of participation and recognition respectively. The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners shall receive Medals and prizes. Top Gold winner gets a cash prize, induction into Mespire Scholars program in addition to an invitation for an all expense-paid 3-days intensive Science Bootcamp. Schools and teachers with many participants and an excellent performance throughout the competition receive special awards. The awards are not connected to a cash prize but are supposed to honour the efforts of the schools and of the individual teachers or parent/guardian (for private candidate). 

Find further details of Awards and benefits in the RMO handbook.

Registration details

Registration fee:

School Candidate (Private School): NGN 5,000

Private Candidate: NGN 7,000

NOTE: 3 Slots available for each public school. 

Registration Closes:  March 15, 2022

Payment Details: 

Bank: Zenith Bank

Acct Name: Mespire Limited

Acct Number: 1019446429

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

R M O is an annual mathematics competition for school students  in grade level 4 – 12 (Primary 4 – SSS 3). This is a competition for the discovery and development of great minds that are mathematically gifted and talented from all over the states in Nigeria.

Participants are offered training on mathematical concepts before the competition dates.

School students of grade 4 – 12 within any of the 36 states of Nigeria.

All you need is to be a bonafide student of a registered school, who is also in grade level 4 – 12.

Yes, all of your RMO certificates have verification IDs. This enables others to verify the authenticity of the certificates and documents: Verification page.

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