How to EXCEL in JAMB 2021

How To Excel In JAMB 2021

How to EXCEL in JAMB 2021, Number four will shock you

I know you want to know how to excel in Jamb 2021 regardless of the year, location and circumstances, it is every students dreams to excel excellently. I bet you want to know how, okay! Lets dive in.

We have heard it said many times: ‘if you fail to plan; you plan to fail! And every serious student have always ensured to study hard and pray well as regards exams. Still, many come out with less than expected result.

What are their mates who passed excellently doing right and they are not?

What do their mates know or do that they don’t?

This has left many old jambites frustrated and poses as fear in the heart of potential jambites.

We understand you might have read many “How To’s” but what we seek to do in this article is help you apply some of these “How To’s” in practical ways for a better result in the upcoming JAMB examination!

One important thing to note is AS MUCH AS YOU STUDY, DON’T FORGET TO PRAY! Everyone needs FAVOUR in life’s endeavors and studying ALONE doesn’t ALWAYS bring you that. Especially with so high a competitive task!

With that foundation laid; let us get down to business!

How To EXCEL In JAMB 2021

1. Set a workable Timetable:

Daily, you are involved with one activity or the other. There’s so much to do and friends to visit and amidst all these, you still want to study for the upcoming jamb. Which could be personal tutorial, jamb lessons or both. How then do I achieve all of these at once? You might ask! Well make a list of your to-do weekly.

Now write out the activities that are time-based and those that are not. Next arrange them in order of priorities, then fix a time as well for those tasks that are not time-based so that now you have a schedule for what you have to do daily. Try to leave free periods within this timetable in case an activity that is not part of your schedule crops up. This way, you can effectively manage your time and achieve so much in a day.

Also remember to schedule the reading of your jamb subjects to one subject daily. This will help you cover so much more and assimilate better rather than reading two-three subjects daily.

2. Set A High Target Score:

Aim for the MOON. If you miss, you may hit a STAR. (Clement Stone). After your JAMB registration, it is good for you to set a high target score you desire in your upcoming exams. Now divide this target score by the total number of subjects you would be offering in JAMB. For e.g. I will be offering four subjects in my JAMB so I set a target score of 300. I divide 300 by 4 which gives me 75 so my expectations in each subject would be at least a score of 75.

Now you go further to break your target into daily goals meaning if I want to study for English today, I should get atleast an 80 in answering JAMB past questions. Same thing for Mathematics tomorrow and on like that.

Setting targets don’t just tell us what we are aiming for – they let us measure the distance by which we fall short, and the amount of work we need to do to make it up. You need to have a target in order to judge whether you are making improvements.

3. Know your reading habit:

What hinders our effectiveness attimes is that some of us are yet to know ‘When, What, Who’ works for us. We know people read at night, so we just assume to be able to pass well; then I should learn to read at night. But then, everyone is not the same, we are not all Noctural (active at night).

If you haven’t figured when your brain is more active yet, then now will be the time to know yourself better when it comes to reading. If you are a day reader, trying to stay up at night will be less effective to you. So it will be best if you can maximize your day in a productive way and move the less brain tasking events for when it begins to get dark.

Also do you assimilate more when it’s quiet or noisy? Do you prefer reading in bulleted points or reading the whole note? Are you a slow or fast learner? Do you understand better when you read with a friend or alone? If you are a day reader; do you prefer to read from the hours of 5am-7am or much later during the day?

Knowing the answer to all of these would help you understand your reading language more and help studying become more effective.

4. Make Use of  JAMB Past Questions:

Have you heard of the fact that JAMB repeats past question yearly? Yes. This is very true!

Although the questions are usually modified. So, it is better not to cram JAMB past questions and answers! Some answers in the JAMB past question series are also very WRONG so while studying always ensure to cross-check your answers from another source

Studying JAMB Past questions helps you to Know the pattern of questions you are going to face, detect your strength and weakness, focus on the right things to study, gives you info on the difficulty of the exam, and practice tool to improve efficiency and accuracy.

5. Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks:

If you want to prepare for JAMB and pass excellently, then there are no substitutes for good textbooks. How do you find the best textbooks to read for JAMB and pass? Simple, the best way is to check JAMB recommended textbooks for each subject. These textbooks have been properly reviewed and found to be good enough to pass JAMB.

Another way to find out very good textbooks to prepare for JAMB is by asking those that have done JAMB and passed excellently. Make sure you get recommendations from more than one reliable source and compare your findings. Then, you can easily find out which textbook has been used by many candidates and helped them well.

6. Engage With Like Minds:

By engaging with like-minded people, you may learn from them at a much faster rate than you would learn on your own. Constant communication with others may help you create and refine your ideas.

Tony Robbins frequently talks about how “Success Leaves Clues.” What he’s referencing in that statement is the fact that if you want to be successful, you should model those who are already where you want to be.

Knowing how to excel in JAMB 2021 is instrumental to your success in the exam. Success is not an independent journey. We’ve all had to rely on others to get us to where we are, and we will continue to have to lean on others, in some way, shape, or form, to get to where we want to go.

As the old African Proverb says; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Connection breeds confidence, and confidence breeds results. Therefore, your ability to surround yourself with people who motivate, inspire, and hold you accountable is important to your success. We can see this by the growth of the mastermind group concept and people collaborating together. There’s no disputing the importance of connecting with like-minded people.

So why don’t you try to WORK SMART even while working HARD with the afore-mentioned clues and just before we drop the pen on how to excel in JAMB 2021; here’s a little tip below you might find useful

A new novel has been released for Jamb 2021 which is The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli and will be used for UTME 2021 And 2022.

The Jamb use of English comprises comprehension passages, lexis and structure, Antonyms and synonyms, oral English, grammar test and interpretation.

Ever since Jamb introduced the Use of novel in the use of English exams, questions have been set from the compulsory novels. You may be asking, how many questions do they set from the recommended novels? Usually 15 to 35 questions from the compulsory novel (s).

“SWEET SIXTEEN” would be for UTME candidates alone, while “The Last Days at Forcados High School” may be used by Direct Entry Candidates.

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