How to ace mathematics olympiads

To ace mathematics olympiads, you must learn to work smart and not hard. Mathematics Olympiad is a hard nut to crack. It can be rewarding in the areas of boosting your problem-solving skill and improving your aptitude. Hitting the right scores might be difficult but with the right knowledge and approach, you will excel.

In this post, I’m going to show you 10 amazing tips to ace the mathematics olympiads competition. To many people, passing the mathematics Olympiad seems hard, but these tips can help you prepare or improve your preparation skills.

1. Start Now

Start preparing from today itself. To excel, you need to start early. Get every required/recommended practice material, past questions, and your notepad. You need to take your time to revise and avoid last-minute cramming or rushing through topics. Starting early also helps to reduce the pressure of the examination. It also gives you time to build on what you don’t know and strengthen your weaknesses. Don’t wait until a few days before the exam begins. The earlier you prepare, the better equipped you are for what is ahead.

2. Study Smart

Studying smart is also as crucial as hard work.

  1. Make and keep a study schedule at certain hours of each day for study, and be consistent from day to day in solving mathematical problems. It compels you to do more until you become better.
  2. Setting an appropriate study pattern, by studying in the same place and same time every day will improve your concentration.
  3. Take good notes on stressed or important points. This will help you recall the main points in just a fraction of time. The time you spend on note-taking is a time-saver.
  4. Know and Understand the Syllabus.

You must be well aware of the syllabus and understand the importance of each topic. Preparation can bring good results if you are relying on the right study material and practice sets. You can collect the mathematics Olympiad syllabus online because questions come from a range of different topics.

3. Participate in Online Classes and Online Tests

Helpful information can be found across all platforms on the internet. Check YouTube videos or sites that offer the best practice test. Practicing online tests and physical test helps you prepare for issues you might encounter during the mathematics Olympiad.

4. Get a tutor

Solving mathematical problems requires skill and aptitude. While you go about your study and research, find a tutor. In finding a tutor, it is worthy of note that not every mathematician has the required set of skills needed. Find someone who specializes in this stream and is equal to your comfort zone. Great tutors help your dreams come through. They guide you through the necessary mathematical skills as they have first-hand knowledge of how competitions work.

5. Focus on your weak areas

Admit your weakness, look for the right tutors and make a preference for someone who specializes in this stream. They will understand your weakness and give you advice that will help your performance.

6. Associate with your Competitors

Don’t ever under or overestimate your competitors. Instead, study with them to know your weakness and strength. Some competitors can inspire you with new techniques on how to study. Studying with your competitors helps you to learn from their mistakes.

7. Practice More

Just Practice! A scholar once said, ” In math, you never really understand things and you just get used to them”. practice does help one understand why a technique works. Enjoy doing math, do not enjoy only winning contests and getting recognized, it creates a virtuous circle, which will result in excellence. Practice till you become perfect or till you meet the expectations that you have set for yourself for mathematics Olympiad score. Practice makes perfect!

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8. Keep track of your Progress

Preparation without a check will lead you nowhere. It is advisable to conduct a timely check of your performance, through a mock test or online test. Keeping track will help you become more perfect in the subject.

9. Stay Optimistic

Always stay positive and never give up. consult if necessary. Help yourself by being positive. As with most everything in life, your motto should be ” I’m responsible for my success!”Optimism will build intrinsic motivation which will enable you to perform better.

10. Stay Calm and Stress-Free

Once examination day arrives near, you need to relax and stay calm to implement all your preparations successfully on the examination day. Find out what helps you relieve stress either take a walk or have some tea.

Always visit the Olympiad website to have an idea of what the examination is all about and prepare. The right attitude towards excellence in math makes the learning path easy. Excellence in mathematics needs no sorcery. If you have trouble preparing for the mathematics Olympiad, follow the tips above which will be a great tool to help you increase your understanding and confidence in mathematical skills. We are also available to assist you

We hope you found these tips on how to ace the mathematics olympiads competition helpful.

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