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Mespire, the convergence of great minds, awesome services and solutions. We are idea people, we put your vision to work because we realize its not about us, its truly about you. Whether its work, relationships, business, innovation, is about people. We are positioned to move you, your career, your business and organization forward. 

Today it seems almost as much energy is spent talking about business innovation as there is on actually doing it. Despite all the talk, many organizations still struggle to make the quantum leap from generating new ideas to then refining and industrializing them out in the market, we not only provide responsive learning technology  and applications, we provide timely, innovative unusual but ethical solutions. We will continue to invest in highest growth opportunities, innovate boldly and empower people and organizations by creating the platforms and tools that enable others to grow and thrive.


Reshaping the future and standard of education in Nigeria. 


Mespire is committed to bringing the best personalized learning experience to students, educators, and creative professionals in Nigeria through its innovative learning solutions, content and technology. Our mission entails:

  • To raise and equip teachers to build, nurture and equip multigenerational leaders
  • To equip students with the relevant knowledge and market-ready skills needed to solve societal need and problems.
  • To provide the technology, gadget and devices needed to make learning process effective, engaging and interesting.

What We offer

Our people support your people. Our team has decades of real-world experience with the educational, organizational and technical performance solutions we curate and deliver.

We Understand Requirements

Great listening and analytical skills are the underlining factors that contribute to our success. Every project is different, hence the need for creative and innovative approach to solution delivery, which is why we provide custom-built personalized solutions.

Flawless Execution

Having understood your learning need(s), we articulately and meticulously provide learning solutions that best address the need. We are process driven and as a partner in your ongoing learning journey, we provide integrated learning solutions that align with and support your personal and business objectives.

We Deliver Best Result

Performance Improvement and transformation is our core deliverable. We pride ourselves in the delivery of our learning solutions; Project-based Learning, Collaborative Learning, Guided Learning amongst others. Our people are at the core of our service offering.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Your partner in learning transformation. 

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